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Before Calling Tech Support

If you experience problems retrieving your e-mail, downloading web pages, or just have general questions that need to be answered, RPA welcomes you to contact technical support via e-mail (support@rpa.net) or phone (585-756-4500). Before you call, please review the notes below to ensure that your call is worthwhile and productive:

  • Please be at your computer with your system powered on. In order to troubleshoot the problem you are having, we will need to have you check certain settings for us.

  • Have computer information ready such as the type of computer you own, which operating system you are using, what speed modem you own, and the names of any programs that may be giving you trouble. Most of this information can be found in the User's Manual that came with your computer.

  • If you are getting any error messages, please write them down exactly. Several error messages may have similar wording, but the exact wording will tell the technician exactly what the problem is and how to fix it. Also note exactly what you were doing when you got the error message.

  • If you are experiencing a password problem, ensure that both your username and password are typed in lowercase with no spaces -- even if you have not changed anything in these blanks. Backspace these fields out, and then hit delete a few times. Spaces can be present after the username or password and not be visible, and all it takes is a brush against the spacebar with your sleeve while the Connect-To window is on the screen to create a password problem!

  • Be sure to mention if you have recently installed any software or contracted the happy99.exe worm on your system, even if it has since been removed, and even if you installed a program that is non-internet related (sometimes programs can conflict with each other, even if they don't have anything to do with the internet).

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