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Setting Up WebTV

(You will need to dial up to WebTV at least once with your unit to set up your WebTV web e-mail.)

To begin setting up your WebTV unit to use RPA's dial-up access, make sure that the unit is off and that the telephone cord is not hooked up to your WebTV unit.

Turn your WebTV unit on. The first screen you see will be the WebTV attempting to dial a number. Wait for a few moments until it gives you the error screen stating that it was unable to connect. On this screen, it will give you the option of Redial, Cancel, and Options. Select Options.

From the Options page, select Use Your ISP. (If you do not see this option, call 1-800-GO-WEBTV to activate the Use Your ISP option on your unit.)

On the next screen you will have the choice of Use WebTV* or Use Your ISP. Select Use Your ISP once again.

On the settings screen, you will be prompted for your dial-up username and your password. Type these in lowercase letters with no spaces. You may put a checkmark beside Save Password if you do not want to enter it each time.

For Primary Modem Number, enter the access number that is local** for you. You do not need to enter a Secondary Modem Number.

Click Done at the bottom of the screen. This will take you back to the Dialing Options screen. Hook the telephone cord back up to your WebTV unit and click Dial at the bottom of the screen. Each time you turn on your WebTV from now on, it will prompt you to dial RPA.

Please note that in the first quarter of 2000, RPA will be implementing webmail for our customers. This means that WebTV users will soon be able to access RPA email as well as their webtv.net email!

*If you select Use WebTV, you may incur long-distance charges on your phone bill as WebTV's access numbers may not be local for you. RPA cannot be responsible for long-distance charges incurred by dialing up to WebTV.

**RPA is not responsible for any long-distance charges incurred by dialup access. It is your responsibility to choose an access number that is local for you. If you are not certain, confirm with your telephone company that your access number is a local call.
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