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Don't Want A Second Phone Line? Try This Software.

One of the most frustrating things about using the Internet with only one telephone line is missing telephone calls. This usually leads to the expense of getting a second phone line to be dedicated to the computer. There's the installation charge, the monthly charge, and the wait for the installer. Quite a hassle.

What's the easy solution then? Internet call answering software. RPA Internet has found a software program that allows you to be online, yet receive a message within a minute of when someone calls you. The benefits of this program are obvious. There's no need for a second phone line, and you don't have to worry about missing any calls at all. The only extra feature that is needed is 'Call Forward on Busy' as provided by your telephone company.

http://www.buzme.com - BuzMe.com - This is the best program of all the Internet call answering software that we've reviewed. It minimizes to the system tray, allows you to reject the call or take voice mail on it, has a caller ID function, and it's free. The program offers the option of staying on top of other programs. It doesn't take up much screen space while it's showing, and it doesn't use up a lot of computer memory. It also allows for custom personal greetings. They offer an enhanced service (at $4.95 per month) that adds the ability to send a reply message to the caller (after seeing who it is), or take the call on the telephone.

The last feature, Take Call, is provided through BuzMe, and they give 60 free minutes per month. If a customer needed more minutes (in other words, they take lots of calls), they sell more minutes in prices ranging from $4.95 (for 40 extra minutes) to $49.95 (for 700 extra minutes). Extra minutes are purchased as a block, and if they're not used in a particular month, they will carry over (to a maximum of 12 months from the purchase date).

The software is 'skinnable' and right now they have two characters for it. Also, with the enhanced service, a customer can save more messages (30 as opposed to 10), save longer messages (2 minutes vs. 1 minute, and have longer personalized greetings (60 seconds vs. 30 seconds). In the future, they plan on adding multiple voice mail boxes with the enhanced service. As a bonus, they offer the enhanced service free for the first month.

So don't worry about missing calls and don't spend a lot of money on a second phone line. Just use this software and rest easy!

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