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Can I Use Multilink?

Yes, provided the following conditions are met:

    • You are running Windows 98
    • You have two modems hooked up to your computer
    • You have two phone lines.

Multilink is included in Windows 98 and will allow you to connect at double the maximum speed you are capable of normally connecting at. This is done by bonding two modem connections together.

Using Multilink also means you retain the luxury of being able to place calls while online -- it will allow you to disconnect one line to make a phone call, and then resume the connection on that line when you are finished.


    • Double the connect speed.
    • The ability to place calls while online.
    • No extra cost if you already have the required components.

What Can I Expect From Multilink?

While 56K modems are advertised as being able to connect at 56,000 bps, the FCC has passed regulations on telephone lines to prevent crosstalk and interference on the lines. As a result you can connect at a maximum of 53,333 bps. (54,000 bps has been achieved under prime conditions -- but it is EXTREMELY rare.) Most people with 56K modems connect somewhere in the 40-50k range.

This means that with two 56K modems, you can conceivably connect at 106,000 bps, if both modems were capable of connecting at 53,000 bps. If both modems regularly connected at 45,000 bps, you would have a combined speed of 90,000 bps. Whatever you normally connect at, you can expect double with Multilink, provided that both modems connect at the same speed.

Configure your Windows 98 PC to use Multilink

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