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Keep Your Computer Running At Optimal Performance!

A computer requires regular maintenance in order to:

  • Run at optimal speed
  • Keep up with rapidly increasing software requirements
  • Prevent viruses from infecting your computer
  • Remove unwanted files and programs from your hard drive

Symptoms of a computer needing maintenance may include: a constantly active hard drive, programs being slow to start or respond once running, error messages appearing during the boot (startup) process, and frequent illegal operation messages while using software.

The quality and frequency of the maintenance you perform on your computer will have a direct impact on the performance and speed of your computer. However, it may be difficult to notice when a computer needs maintenance. Problems can creep up gradually "behind the scenes" and may not be obvious until a crash occurs. Without the assistance of a software maintenance and monitoring program it is often difficult to prevent problems from occurring before they cause damage to your files or operating system.

To assist in the regular maintenance of your PC, RPA recommends that you purchase a software tool to track system performance and diagnose both potential and existing problems. Several software tools are available in stores. Computers running Windows 95/98 should already include standard Systems Tools to help diagnose and repair hard drive problems including "Disk Cleanup", "ScanDisk", and "Disk Defragmenter." However, these tools cover the very basics of system maintenance and may not help with more complicated disk errors or maintenance tasks.

RPA suggests that you use a retail program called Norton SystemWorks 2000 for the PC. (Currently only Norton Antivirus and Norton Utilities are available for the Macintosh.) We have reviewed several different utility and cleanup programs and still find Norton SystemWorks to be the most thorough and user-friendly package. Norton SystemWorks retails for $69.95 or less in most online or local computer stores, integrates with your operating system to keep your system running smoothly, and includes Norton Utilities, Norton Antivirus, Norton CleanSweep, Norton CrashGuard, and Norton Web Services.

If you are interested in using Norton Systemworks, but you are unsure as to what to do, please note that RPA's technicians hold classes every three months demonstrating the installation and usage of this particular software package. This class costs $25. We expect the service to cost approximately $110 per machine ($50 labor per hour plus $60 for a copy of Norton SystemWorks 2000). If you already have the SystemWorks software it should cost approximately $50-$75. The minimum charge to look at your machine is $25. RPA will not perform any maintenance on your system exceeding a $25 charge without your express permission.

For more information on RPA's Computer Maintenance Classes or to schedule an appointment, please call our offices at 716-756-4500 or e-mail support@rpa.net. You can also decide to schedule an appointment for regular cleaning and maintenance.

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